Semaglutide Injections Price in Houston

We offer Semaglutide Weight Loss Injections at the lowest prices.

Semaglutide (Office Starting Package)

$150.00: (includes 0.25 mg injection, Office Visit, Lipo injection)

Office Injection: $200.00 for one month

Follow ups: $60.00 each

SEMAGLUTIDE Pre-Paid Monthly Packages

                                         OFFICE                                   HOME 
0.25 mg/week              $200/month                                     $200/month
0.5 mg/week                $200/month                                     $240/month
.75mg/week                 $200/month                                     $240/month
1 mg/week                   $220/month                                     $240/month
1.7 mg/week               $250/month                                      $270/month
2.4 mg/week             $250/month                                       $270/month

Pay as you go individual prices for injections.

Delivered at your Office
0.25 mg/week         $50.00 each
0.5 mg/week           $50.00 each
.75mg/week            $50.00 each
1 mg/week              $55.00 each
1.7 mg/week           $62.50 each
2.4 mg/week           $62.50 each
Single Lipo Injections: $20.00 each sold separately
New *Lipo Trim Home Injection vial: $120.00 good for 3 months aprox 10 doses per vial
*Home Use: Price includes shipping
*Prices subject to change if increased by compounding pharmacy.
*Recommended purchase of two months, 3 months maximum at one time.
* All Medications must be kept refrigerated.
* If you have previously started on the medications listed and require a different start dosage, the price will change for the starting package.