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Dr Salman Alim, MD, is a Weight loss Doctor in Humble, has a physical weight loss clinic in Humble, Tx. He will work with you to create a personalized weight loss plan that fits your unique needs and goals. Start your weight loss journey today and discover a healthier, happier you with his medical weight loss services in Houston.

Dr. Alim has been a doctor since 2008. He’s really good at three important kinds of medicine: Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine (which is about lungs) and Critical Care Medicine (which helps really sick people). But what really interests Dr. Alim is helping people lose weight.

You know, sometimes people have trouble breathing, like they can’t catch their breath. Dr. Alim found out that a lot of these people aren’t sick in their lungs or heart. But the real problem is that they’re carrying extra weight.

For more than six years, Dr. Alim has been helping people who struggle with their weight. He’s used special pills like Contrave and Alli. But there’s something new and exciting now – injections called GLP-1 medications. These injections are changing how we think about weight loss and bringing hope to people who need it.

What Dr. Alim wants to do is make a complete plan for people to lose weight that’s not just about medicine. He believes in using medicine when it helps, but also making changes in how people live and what they do. Dr. Alim’s goal is to create a whole experience that helps people in different ways to lose weight and be healthy.

With his knowledge in three kinds of medicine and his caring approach, Dr. Alim is here to make a positive difference in how we understand and manage weight loss.

Dr. Alim, an expert in medical weight loss, uses his deep knowledge, care and dedication to help people transform their lives for the better.

He provides services not only in his physical clinic, which has all the required health facilities, but also online weight loss services in Houston. Online weight loss services are provided through telemedicine.


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